How to Order

Does JAWI have any store in Kuwait?
We do have one store in Kuwait as well as our products available in plenty of retail store.

Do we have shipping out of Kuwait?
Currently we ship to Kuwait only.

How do I register at JAWI website?
-       Click on “Sign Up”
-       Fill in the Personal & Login Information, and click on “Submit”
-       You will receive an email that you registered in advance to confirm your email address, click on the word "link" will open Dashboard for your profile on the site to complete mobilization of personal data
-       Click on “Manage Addresses” under Address Book
-       Add your Telephone number
-       Fill in the address Information, select a State from the list, and complete address (Street, Avenue, House) and (additional information) then click on" save address  

How do I change my personal information?
-       Go to “My Account”
-       To change the Name/E-mail/Password, click on the "Contact Information"
-       To add a new address, click the “Manage Addresses” under Address Book and press "Add New Address"
-       To change the default billing address and mobile number, click on the " Change Billing Address "
-       To change the default shipping address and mobile number, click on the " Change shipping Address "

How do I order from JAWI?
-       Choose the product you want to buy it and then select the quantity required and click on "Add to Cart"
-       Once you finish shopping, go to “Cart” you will get a message of Cart subtotal and the selected products (in case of modification products click "Edit Cart") after making sure that all products click on "Checkout" to complete shopping
-       Choose the address you want to ship the products to, from "billing address" or add a new address for shipping then click “Continue"
-       You will see a message with details of delivery charges by area, click “Continue"to proceed
-       You will see a message with delivery time, press “Continue" to proceed
-       You will see a list of all the products you want to purchase it with the Grand Total, press "Place Order" to complete the purchase
-       You will receive an order confirmation email with your order number, the Order process has been successfully
* Minimum order 10 KD
* You cannot modify/change your order. If you require any changes, please place another order and notify us to cancel your previous order.