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  1. Aspire Spryte

    Aspire Spryte
    As low as KWD5.00
  2. iJoy Mipo Kit

    New iJoy Mipo Kit

    Presenting the iJoy MIPO 9W Pod System, a power bank and vape combination.

    iJoy Mipo Kit

    As low as KWD15.00

  3. Innokin Plexar

    Innokin Plexar

    As low as KWD10.00

  4. Rincoe Neso X

    Sale Rincoe Neso X

    Rincoe Neso X Pod System Kit 

    Rincoe Neso X

    As low as KWD3.00 Regular Price KWD6.00

  5. SPOD Starter Kit

    Sale SPOD Starter Kit

    Sikary Spod Starter Kit the compact size makes it portable to carry.

    Sikary Spod Starter Kit

    As low as KWD11.25 Regular Price KWD15.00

  6. Uwell Caliburn

    Uwell presents the Caliburn Pod System, a low profile refillable pod device.

    Uwell Caliburn

    As low as KWD10.00

  7. Uwell Crown Pod System

    Uwell Crown 25W Pod Kit a portable system.

    Uwell Crown Pod System

    As low as KWD10.00

  8. Uwell Yearn Kit

    The Uwell YEARN Pod System is a sleek and compact pod system.

    Uwell Yearn Kit
  9. Vaporesso Osmall Kit

    New Vaporesso Osmall Kit

    Check out the new Vaporesso OSMALL 11W Pod System, a draw-activated pod system.

    Vaporesso Osmall Kit

    As low as KWD4.00

  10. VOOPOO Drag Nano

    Sale VOOPOO Drag Nano

    The VOOPOO DRAG NANO Starter Kit

    VOOPOO Drag Nano

    As low as KWD3.00 Regular Price KWD6.00

  11. Voopoo Vinci Pod Mod

    Sale Voopoo Vinci Pod Mod

    VOOPOO VINCI 40W Pod Mod Kit

    Voopoo Vinci Pod Mod

    As low as KWD7.50 Regular Price KWD15.00

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