Warranty & Returns

This document was last modified on 22 May 2020

      • Electronic cigarettes are consumable products and their performance and longevity is directly related to the care and maintenance provided by the purchaser. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure they care and maintain their personal devices and accessories.
      • - 30 days for eCigs devices
        - 3 days for Atomizers
        - No warranty for Eliquid, Coil Heads, PODS, Accessories, batteries, and chargers.

        And applies only to electronic components ‘battery, Wall chargers and USB chargers ‘due to manufacturer performing and does not apply to Flavor PODS or E-liquid products if it does not suit to taste.
      • - Modification, alteration, repair or service of this product by any persons or company other than Jawi.
        - Physical abuse to or misuse of the product.
        Any use of the product other than that for which it was originally intended (i.e the use of unapproved accessories, like non e-cigarette chargers or power adapters)
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